Contract Marketing Executives: Increasing Earnings, Decreasing Frustration

Marketing is a moving target, especially in this era of prolific digital channels that complement (and sometimes compete with) the existing traditional channels that have passed the test of time. Staying on top of trends is pretty much a full time job, and business owners – unless they’re solely dedicated to marketing and branding – just don’t have that kind of time.

Most of modern marketing is all about cutting through the static by generating a strong signal – your company’s message – that’s delivered to the right audience in the right place at the right time and in the right way. Developing the strategies to achieve these ends takes considerable experience, as well as a knack for integrated, multi-channel marketing. A contract marketing executive engages with you and your company, helps fine-tune your brand and messaging, and devises the best tactics for reaching your target audience with the ideal content when they want to see it.

Without the help of a contract marketing executive, you’re doomed to endless frustration. “Trial and error” marketing is costly in terms of time and money. Every website claims to have the silver bullet for ROI in exchange for your advertising dollars – Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc. But true ROI comes from a synergistic blend of inbound and outbound marketing, earned media and paid media. Stop banging your head against the wall and start seeing return with an expert’s help.

Contract Marketing Executives Are Invaluable Strategic Guides

Some of my earliest experiences with Shared CxO were solely in the realm of small and mid-sized business marketing and communications. Boy, did a whole new, exciting (and sometimes overwhelming world) open up to me when I started to delve into comprehensive marketing strategy! It didn’t take me long to see why so many businesses struggle so deeply from the start.

Many business owners get bad advice. Much of that advice comes from sales representatives attempting to sell advertising programs. That means it’s all too easy for business owners to make critical mistakes that can lead to budget-busting failures.

We hire seasoned CMOs to tackle this tricky balance and to produce maximum ROI for our clients. These CMOs understand and appreciate the today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape. Our contract marketing executives develop cutting edge marketing strategies for your company and help you understand why each channel is important, as well as how to make full use of the array of options before you.

In short, you receive a road map to marketing success as well as receiving a valuable education. Both of these valuable services are thus poised to put you and your business on the path to success.

Contract Marketing Executives Celebrate Your Success

The contract marketing executives at Shared CxO are deeply invested in your company’s success and share your ultimate goals. They are solely dedicated to getting and keeping your marketing on track. They also develop scalable programs and operations which ensure your marketing strategy will be able to keep up with future growth. The marketing executive always keeps the best interests of the business and the brand front and center.

Contract marketing executives also arrive on the scene without any personal agendas or emotional baggage.

The same can’t always be said of freelancers (who first and foremost – and understandably – want to secure a long-term contract for steady income) or in-house talent (who, again understandably, are concerned with job longevity and advancement). What you’ll get with a contract marketing executive is someone who comes in, gets the job done, and who stays focused on the main objective, which is offering the marketing guidance which will help you achieve success.

Contract Marketing Executives Tell it Like it is

Because quality contract marketing executives are innately unbiased, they are able to review your marketing strategy and programs holistically and offer truthful, often unflinching recommendations. Ultimately, I find that business owners who are struggling to keep up with marketing appreciate this honest critique when it is coupled with actionable ideas for improvement. And that’s precisely what Shared CxO’s contract CMOs offer.

We’ve been careful to hire specifically talented, experienced CMOs who can enter into a contract marketing executive arrangement with no fear of telling the truth, cut the chaff of underperforming marketing programs, and give clear advice and leadership. I’m very proud of the fact that Shared CxO’s outsourced CMOs have not only the know-how to create robust, all-encompassing and effective strategies, but that they are able to work alongside clients while remaining 100% honest about concepts and execution.

A Good Contract Marketing Executive Keeps up with the Times

Social media. Print advertising. Public relations. Content marketing. Direct mail. Product placement. Celebrity endorsements. Search engine optimization. Online advertising. Interactives. E-mail marketing. Billboard ads. Local search marketing. I could add to the list endlessly, because there are endless marketing channels in this day and age.

But the way businesses take advantage of them, and in what combination, changes constantly. Trailblazers and trendsetters alter the scene dramatically in a matter of days. A contract marketing executive keeps his pulse on the heartbeat of all aspects of marketing in order to know when to utilize certain channels and in which order. Trust me when I say that takes a lot off the plate of any business owner or in-house team.

The end result of this constant research and monitoring is that Shared CxO’s contract marketing executives develop relevant, timely strategies that lead to success. And that, after all, is the whole point of marketing!

Are you ready to explore the benefits of a contract marketing executive for your company? View our packages and rates or contact us to discuss your needs. You can also learn more at our CMO Outsourcing and Advisory page.