This August will mark SMB’s four year anniversary. The process of bringing a new product or service to market is often an exciting and challenging experience.


SMB Communications 2010 – 2012

When we first launched SMB, our offerings were solely in the areas of marketing, advertising, and public relations. During that period, we were “SMB Communications”. We hit the market with an extremely low price point, and were successful in gaining core clients quickly- many of whom are still with us 4 years later.

As we grew, the vision of creating a full-scale business team resource for small business became clearer, and attainable. We used that initial two year period as SMB Communications to refine our operations processes- it took a lot of feedback, sleepless nights, and countless iterations to perfect.


SMB Companies 2012 – 2014

In 2012, with a sound operations structure in place, and a core of loyal and satisfied clients, we launched SMB Companies. This broke our operation into four distinct divisions: marketing, legal, accounting, and technology. Each division utilized the same operational structure that was defined and perfected by the two years of trial and error with SMB Communications. Finally, a full-scale small business services team was born, at a rate that small businesses could actually afford.

At this phase, all four business lines were under a different package, and no all-encompassing service was available. This put us in direct competition with other accounting, legal, marketing, and IT firms. We had success in this period, but we did not fill a unique void in the small business market. Since innovation is at the core of our mission, we had to keep moving.


Shared Teams Launched in 2014

In 2014, with a proven track record, and a highly-refined operations core, we consolidated all four business lines into a single service- thus creating “Shared Teams”. Never before has the small business market had specialists in the areas of marketing, accounting, technology, and business law under a single low ($1,200 for 25 hours) monthly retainer fee. To maintain the integrity of this structure, we offer Shared Teams on an “application only” baisis.

We’re excited to see where the coming years take us. But, most of all we are proud to still support most of the businesses that made up our first round of clients way back in 2010! There isn’t a more compelling affirmation of the value that we bring to the community.

If you work with a small business and would like to be part of this journey, you may submit an application to join our service at this link.