What do I mean by this title? It’s all about risk and reward. While the risks for  SMB’s are usually low, the rewards can be exponential.

Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

The Marketing Edge

So how does this tie into marketing? In marketing SMBs can be nimble. They can be fast and agile like a sports car. In contrast to large corporation mired deep in processes and approvals, SMBs can react and respond quickly with changes in their marketing campaigns.

For example social media users can be fickle. The social network that provided solid leads this quarter could drop abruptly in the next. SMBs can be prepared and ready by testing and trying new tactics without breaking the bank and tarnishing their brand.

These days there are more web apps and SaaS tools available to the SMB than ever before. Most can be set-up and launched in under an hour. This is not something you could take advantage of in most corporate environments.

Maintain Your Edge

It’s not enough for SMBs to recognize their agility. They also need to continuously optimize their campaigns so that they stay on the cutting edge of new trends. Some SMBs will have talent pool in-house to stay on top of online marketing campaigns and trends; others will not have that luxury.

In order to maximize the potential of online marketing either the talent must be brought in-house or it must be outsourced. These choices both have their pros and cons which I won’t go into here.  Just know that virtual teams are nimble by nature too, and could become a valuable partnership in the future for your SMB.