There are several reasons why the majority of businesses want to go global, but only few of them really take the leap. While going international provides excellent profit and growth opportunities, there are many challenges to overcome. Having business leaders and employees that you can trust and are experienced in handling international operations is a must if you want to reap global success.

While there are several issues you’re likely to face when entering the global market, here are some of the major hurdles you’ll need to anticipate:

Language Barriers

More and more countries are embracing English language classes but there might be several instances where you will need the assistance of translators when conducting business in a foreign country. This is especially important when it’s time to discuss negotiations and contracts. You can’t afford to have anything be lost in translation.  If you plan to outsource your customer service as well, it might be a struggle for your customers to understand service representatives that don’t have English as their native language.

Laws and Taxes

If your business involves importing items from abroad, then you’ll have to familiarize yourself with the import duties and other taxes you’ll need to pay. Any time you conduct business or trade in a different country, it’s essential that you’re familiar with the relevant laws. This can be complex and time-consuming so getting the right legal advice is crucial unless you’re prepared to face penalties and fines.

Managing From Abroad

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a simple buy-and-sell business or opening your own factory. When you’re dealing with globalization, you have to accept that your distance will alter the kind of oversight you can have over your business. Make sure you have the right employees who can update you with the status of your business and have the right foresight to tell you when they spot a possible problem. You wouldn’t want to import unsafe products or pay for unfair labor so steer clear from danger by hiring employees who can oversee your business for you.