Last week’s Tumblr hack was a salient reminder to us all: the Internet is a sometimes dangerous place, and you never know when a hacker or scammer may strike. It’s our duty to protect ourselves and our businesses from cyber perils, and a little prevention goes a long way.

Information Week SMB published 4 tips that small businesses can follow to beef up their security. In a nutshell, to enhance small business Internet security they recommend:

  • Double check your web site’s source code to make sure there are no vulnerabilities. Read the Information Week SMB article for links to free tools that can help you test the security of your web site.
  • Keep your computer’s software updated. Security updates are often pushed through patches and updates that you’ll need to approve to install, so don’t let them sit in your system tray unattended. As an extension, apply any patches or updates that you may have procrastinated on installing if you’re using software like WordPress to power your site. Sometimes these contain valuable security updates.
  • Delete any old, unused web sites or social media accounts. You may not realize right away if a hacker took over, and that could be dangerous.
  • Whenever you see news of a hacking or other security issue like the one Tumblr experienced last week, use it as a reminder to tighten up your security and check that you and your business are as safe as possible.

For the full list of recommendations and details about each suggestion, visit Information Week SMB.

Stay safe out there!