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Strategic Branding and Marketing Consulting

The world of marketing, advertising, and branding is more complex than ever. The digital and social space is growing. That means the traditional, industry-standard approach to marketing is not always going to bring you the highest ROI. The companies that thrive in today's marketplace rely on comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns which tie directly into the brand identity.

The primary role of our strategic marketing consultants is to guide the marketing and branding efforts of our client organizations in order to meet the businesses key objectives. In today’s modern small business and startup environment, this level of comprehensive strategic oversight is essential in order to remain competitive.


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Our marketing consultants work directly with businesses across the country, providing executive level guidance and oversight for all marketing, sales, and branding efforts. We work to ensure businesses have solid, predictable marketing and sales programs which are capable of bringing their business to the next level.


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David Lanagan, founder

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David Lanagan, founder

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Our team provides on-call advisory solutions for companies in need of expert guidance on a scalable, long-term basis, as well as interim solutions for more intensive engagements.

10 Reasons Why Early-Stage Business Needs a Strategic Marketing Consultant

Entrepreneurs are always full of big ideas – that’s why I love working with them. However, entrepreneurs don't always know the best angle of attack when it comes to their start-up's marketing efforts. Most entrepreneurs lack the experience that it takes to put together a truly effective plan. This isn't their fault--marketing is a hard nut to crack in this rapidly-evolving digital era. It takes considerable experience to know which traditional channels continue to work and which new channels are worth pursuing.


Making the Most of your Marketing Strategy with an Outsourced CMO

Marketing involves a lot of moving parts. You have to know your audience. You have to stay on top of trends. You have to plan effective, omni-channel campaigns. You have to monitor metrics in order to determine ROI, and you have to create sustainable, scalable programs that grow with your company. Marketing is a full time job! At the very least, it demands far more attention than the average busy business owner is able to dedicate to it.


Why a Contract Marketing Executive is Essential to your Business

Marketing is an ever-changing game, especially in this era of prolific digital channels that complement (and sometimes compete with) existing traditional channels. Staying on top of trends is pretty much a full time job, and business owners – unless their sole speciality is already marketing and branding – just don’t have that kind of time.


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