Meet Our Proven Small Business
Experienced Consulting Team

Our team is comprised of experienced small business leaders that are focused on your business.

Meet our Management Consultant Team

Our business management team provides on-call consulting solutions to small businesses in need of management, strategic, and operational guidance.

Peter Sispoidis

Peter Sispoidis is a successful entrepreneur and dynamic leader with a deep knowledge of a wide-range of technologies and issues to support organizational development and growth. Over his 20-year career, he has founded, built and subsequently sold four companies, including acquisition by a public company and raising nearly $70 million in venture capital funding.

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Meet our Financial Consultant Team

Our business finance team provides on-call consulting solutions to small businesses and startups in need of expert financial guidance to maintain and grow.

Mike Boyer

Mike Boyer is a seasoned financial executive with a broad range of industry experience to bring effective financial management solutions. He has a strong foundation in systems development and implementation, and brings a fresh perspective to the challenges organizations face in accumulating and interpreting financial data.

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Meet our Strategic Marketing Team

Our strategic marketing team provides on-call marketing and branding solutions to startups and small businesses in need of expert guidance to grow their company.

Maryam Donnelly, MBA

Maryam Donnelly has more than 20 years of experience as a data-driven marketing leader, managing strategy, product management and business development for a variety of businesses including Fortune 500 Companies. Her expertise spans a spectrum of industries and emphasizes customer acquisition, engagement and revenue growth through strategic marketing management, analysis and content delivery.

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Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts is a marketing strategist and brand director who helps companies tell their story and why they matter on platforms where they matter. Incorporating strategic planning and management, and quality execution, she drives development of ideas to drive your business. She focuses on ensuring that communications initiatives are aligned with business strategy, and resources are optimized to best achieve organizational goals.

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Meet our Technology Consultant Team

Our technology and systems team provides on-call advisory solutions to small businesses that require guidance on IT systems, strategic technology approach, and modernization.

Susie Hill

Susie Hill brings innovation and insight, and more than 25 years of expertise in information technology to her role as coach and consultant. Her passion for continuous improvement draws out the unique attributes of each client to evoke clear decisions and forward-minded strategies. Her broad understanding of leadership and coaching of IT professionals, coupled with authentic and effective communications skills, yields collaboration and timely results to support organizational growth and effectiveness.

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Joe Amaturo

Joe Amaturo has more than 20 years of technology experience helping small and mid-sized businesses build sustainable, reliable and profit-driven IT teams. Joe has founded several small businesses leading to an understanding of the unique demands placed on small business owners, particularly in the areas of information technology. As a strategic consultant, he is passionate about helping businesses achieve success and overcome competition through the latest technology.

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Roy Tucker

Roy Tucker is an information technology professional with a visionary and innovative approach that uses technology as a vehicle for business process change, competitive advantage and new market opportunities. His more than 30 years of experience, alongside creative thinking and leadership, help organizations effectively manage rapid growth and transition while solving complex programs through cost-effective solutions.

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