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Fractional COO Services

Navigating an organization through the modern economic climate – while factoring in new technologies and expanding global markets in a fiercely competitive marketplace – is no simple challenge. Modern middle-market companies are becoming more agile, flexible, and responsive as they strive to keep up with the competition.

Our Fractional COO services provide the strategy and ongoing guidance you need to help your business excel at addressing immediate challenges and anticipating and projecting future business challenges so that you are always prepared for what’s next.

Delivered by Proven Management Talent

All of our management consultants have hands-on experience leading successful businesses. We provide the strategy, research, and guidelines for project workflow. We also provide advice as you navigate the implementation and deployment of each phase of your growth action plan.

How Do You Know You Need a Fractional COO?

It’s your job to develop the vision for your business. You formulate business objectives and make strategic decisions. But you don’t have time to execute that vision – because if you’re working in the business, you’re not working on the business.

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you taking advantage of all potential opportunities?

Are you sure which products you ought to be launching or which markets you ought to be entering?

Do you have a clear idea of how you differ from the competition?

Are you allocating your resources and setting budgets in ways that truly serve your company?

And are you hiring and retaining the right people?

If you answered “no” or you’re not sure, we can help.

Here’s How We Can Help Your Business Thrive

Leadership and Guidance

Proven and Experienced

Even the most successful CEOs are torn on key decisions within their businesses. Having a trusted advisor in your corner to offer counterpoint or the verification necessary to secure confidence can make all the difference.

Talent and Culture

Get the Most From Your Team

Ensure that your business is developing and deploying HR and talent strategies that align with your overall business objectives, workforce trends, and company culture. We also work to develop coaching strategies to get the most out of your team.

Operations and Strategy

Organize to Meet Your Business’ Goals

To increase organizational effectiveness, we help our members identify areas of significant efficiency gains and develop the best strategy to enhance productivity and overall output from your operations without driving up operating costs.

Change Management Strategy

Repurpose Assets Effectively

Modifying an existing business process may be one of the most deceptively challenging business activities. Whether a minor process update or a significant operational overhaul, our team is on your side to ensure the most seamless transition possible.

Organizational Design

Structure to Meet your Business Goals

A sound organizational structure is paramount to the success of a company. We evaluate existing systems, market projections, and technological advances to deliver organizational designs for the increased efficiency and impact of our members’ businesses.

Risk Management

Ensure your Business is Secure

In a contemporary business environment, the complexity and prevalence of high-risk scenarios place the modern executive in a precarious position if they are not armed with the proper guidance. We provide expert guidance to mitigate business risks.

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