Small Business Consulting Services Team
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Low-risk, scalable solutions designed to accelerate your company's growth.

SharedCxO is designed as a one-stop consulting resource for small businesses and startups across the United States. Our dedicated advisory team is dedicated to providing consulting services that produce results in every business that we work with.

Management Consulting
Management and Strategy

Our management consulting team provides strategic and operations advisory services. Learn more.

Financial Consulting
Finance and Accounting

The financial consulting team helps direct financial planning and manages financial risks. Learn more.

Technology Consulting
Information Technology

The technology consulting team helps guide strategic technology development and implementation of IT systems. Learn more.

Strategic Marketing
Marketing and Branding

The strategic marketing team advises on branding, PR, competitive, and advertising strategy. Learn more.

Our consulting team is comprised of proven small business leaders from around the country. We use modern technology to connect business advisers with highly qualified talent without the overhead of travel expenses,in-person meetings or other overhead traditionally found in the consulting world. This keeps our rates affordable, while maintaining top-teir talent.

Get a full C-suite in your corner today! Starting at just $250 monthly.