Strategic Marketing Advisor Services

Designed for Small Businesses and Startups

We provide the leadership needed to guide a successful marketing program.







Experienced Strategic Direction for High-Return Marketing and Sales Programs.

Marketing is often costly, so it’s imperative for you to get the help of a skilled marketing strategist to help you maximize ROI, and keep your operation within budget. Our marketing strategists are especially helpful to companies who are struggling to create and maintain a consistent brand message Additionally, they ensure accurate forecasting of sales and marketing programs- allowing for a predictable and low-risk marketing and sales effort. This is especially important during the “social age,” where customers have more access to companies than ever before. Below are a few of the ways that we help businesses thrive.

Marketing Strategy
Proven Methods Tailored for your Goals

Without a strategic marketing plan in place, your ability to determine an accurate calculation of return or budgetary projections can place your business in operational or financial danger. Our team provides the type of sound strategic insight that can only be found from experienced small business professionals.

Brand Strategy
Target your Audience Properly

Branding in the 21st century is more complex than what can be defined in a messaging guidebook. With modern tools available, the ability to hone in on your audience has never been more possible. Our team ensures that you have the right audience defined and the most effective image and message in place.

Budgeting and Forecasting
Anticipate Costs and ROI

We all know that marketing and sale programs executed without the proper guidance can quickly bleed a company’s budget. It is important to have clear metrics and transition points in place before entering into any program. Our team ensures that you have a methodical approach.

Competitive Positioning
Know your True Competition

Modern technology makes it easier for new companies to quickly enter the market and become competitive. In this age, it is increasingly important to maintain a firm grasp of the current competitive landscape. Our team maintains a eye on your competition, and adjusts the strategy accordingly.

Implementation Strategy
Prioritize for High Impact

With numerous components to a comprehensive marketing program, it is important to properly prioritize the implementation for the highest impact and as a means to stay within budget. Our CMO provides an implementation strategy, as well as ongoing guidance throughout the execution.

Metrics and Reporting
Determine Accurate ROI

Marketing strategies and ongoing guidance are only as good as the data that the strategy is based upon. Analytics and metrics are a modern CMO’s best friend. We provide advanced reporting capability to ensure that your marketing and advertising decisions have a grounded foundation.

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