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According to the latest figures, business owners that go at it alone are 150% more likely to fail within the first two years.


We make the expertise and talent of leading executives accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Low-Risk SMB Consultant Services

SharedCxO is built to directly address this common challenge established small to medium-sized businesses face. Using modern technology, we combine the skill and accessibility of a dedicated full in-house team with the low-risk flexibility of a freelance relationship.

Our highly experienced consultants come from diverse business backgrounds, encompassing expertise in multiple industries and markets. This means that whatever your business, we can help, and for a fraction of the cost of equivalent in-house talent.

We’re Always in your Corner

Whatever unique challenges you and your business may face, our expert consultants are ready to help. From planning new programs and initiatives to making course corrections mid-stream, our team is by your side every step of the way.

Individualized Strategy and Service

We know that no two businesses are alike, and no two strategies should be, either. We’ll help you figure out where your audience can be found and how best to reach them for maximum brand awareness and profit growth. We can also show you how best to structure your business in order to take full advantage of your success.

Available Anywhere Business Takes You

Our executive consultants are just a message away. Access our talent anytime, from anywhere, using our membership platform. Collaborate with our consultants via phone calls, text-based updates, and videos.

Dedicated to You and Your Success

SMB owners have big ideas, and our seasoned executive talent can support you through all phases of planning and execution. We’ll help refine concepts and work alongside you to ensure their success. This provides a huge advantage over competitors who are working alone.

Venture Membership Use Cases

$995 Monthly

Testing the Waters

Many small to mid-sized businesses have experienced fast growth, which means they see the need for C-level executives besides the owner and CEO, but they aren’t ready to commit to hiring an entire C-level leadership team.

These businesses choose SharedCxO’s Venture membership package so they can test out having different types of C-level executives supporting their businesses. This helps them determine what C-level roles they should fill in-house while continuing to receive on-demand and interim support from our consultants.

Filling a Leadership Gap

Many mid-size organizations already have C-level executives on staff, but they need to fill an open role. Often, organizations cannot afford to hire the full-time employee needed to fill the open role or they cannot find the best candidate for the position.

Businesses in this situation choose SharedCxO’s Venture membership package to fill their open role in a recurring manner while still having access to other C-level executive support when needed.

Our SMB Consulting Solutions are Designed for Established, High-Growth Companies.