Learn About the History of SharedCxO Small Business Consultants

Our Team has Supported Businesses Across the United States since 2010.

Small Business Solutions Driving Modern Companies

The goal of SharedCxO is to meet the needs of modern business by connecting startups and small businesses to top strategic talent through a first-of-its-kind shared C-suite. From the beginning our goal has been to provide startups and small businesses with access to experienced advisers on an outsourced, interim or on-call basis. Our technology-aided structure provides efficient, flexible and scalable services to help you solve your toughest business problems. Our shared c-suite supports the growth of small businesses across the country by providing specialists in management, finance, technology and marketing.

Supported by on of DC's Most Prestigious Incubators,
Affinity Lab, We Developed our Process.


DC Was our First Home


Our Incubation Period

Since our launch in 2010, our management team's background in technology has offered a fresh perspective to rebuild the consulting and agency model using modern technology as the backbone. Supported by one of Washington D.C.’s most prestigious incubators, Affinity Lab, we originated as a marketing-focused agency, . After 5 years as a marketing-focused agency, we partnered with some of the USA's most successful small business leaders in finance, management, technology, and marketing to create to develop a one-stop solution for small business advisory needs.

In 2015, we partnered with some of the USA's most successful small business executives to meet the evolving needs of modern business. Our unique structure provides startups and small businesses with direct access to experienced small business talent on an on-call, advisory, or intensive basis. This structure provides efficient, flexible and scalable advisory services that guide businesses through the challenges that small businesses face, from a team that has been through it before.

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Still Evolving
Almost Five Years Later to Meet the Needs of Modern Business.

The SharedCxO team has a collective 90+ years experience working with some of the greatest and most creative minds in modern business. It’s from this foundation that we also see first-hand the unique needs modern businesses, and are able to translate those needs into the services and solutions provided. We believe in America's small businesses. Our philosophy is that small businesses should have access to the same level of talent as their larger counterparts. We designed SharedCxO with this as our core focus.

Our Management Advisory Solutions are Designed for Modern Companies.